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Fire safety in data centers

Maximum availability

Data centers are the world’s digital backbone, and countless users rely on the information stored in them. Our fast-paced society expects this information to be accessible anywhere and at any time, and even the shortest of downtimes can have considerable financial consequences. Minimizing the risk of fire damage is therefore a top priority: Reliably detecting incipient fires as early as possible and the quick activation of appropriate response measures are key pre-requisites in ensuring maximum system availability. Our state-of-the-art fire safety portfolio can help you keep your data center up and running.

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Comprehensive protection

There are few areas where business interruptions are as costly as in data storage. On average, the financial loss caused by server downtime is $7,300 per minute, and fires at data centers can easily threaten the survival of entire businesses. Statistics show that 6% of infrastructure failures in data centers are related to fire, and of those companies hit by a major fire event, over 70% are forced to discontinue their business within a period of three years. For maximum protection, a comprehensive fire safety system is needed to ensure business continuity, personal safety and damage mitigation in the case of fire. Our advanced offering provides optimal fire protection and contributes to data centers’ around-the-clock availability.

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Very early detection

The high power dissipation in modern server cabinets requires considerable cooling and consequently high airflow rates. Our Aspirating Smoke Detection (ASD) systems are admirably suited to detecting incipient fires in such demanding application areas, where very early fire detection is required and business continuity is paramount. Aspirating smoke detectors continually draw samples of air from the areas requiring protection and evaluate these samples for the presence of smoke particles.

Reacting to an incipient fire quickly and efficiently is essential; however, it is equally important to minimize any damage to the costly and sensitive electronic equipment. Therefore, using extinguishing agents and technologies that will cause no damage to the data systems themselves is of utmost importance. Having the right extinguishing solution can help protect people, data and valuable investments in a cost-effective manner. In such environments we recommend the use of automated gas extinguishing systems (with inert gases or clean agents) and technologies that fulfill the diverse demands of data centers. Our comprehensive extinguishing offering includes the right protection for all areas.

A comprehensive fire protection system requires perfect coordination between fire detection, alarming and activation of the extinguishing system. Our holistic approach is a major factor in ensuring first-class fire protection for your installation.


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