Fire safety in hotels

Protect your guests – protect your business

Whether you are responsible for a small guest-house or a large multi-story hotel complex, a key success factor is that your guests enjoy their stay – this includes not only first-rate service but also first-rate safety. Guests expect that they will be warned in good time if there is a real danger such as fire and that they will be conducted quickly and safely out of harm’s way. On the other hand, they certainly do not want to have their stay disrupted by any annoying false alarms. You can rely on our advanced fire safety offering to protect your guests, business continuity and reputatio


Our offering

An investment in your hotel’s future

Hotel fires represent a major risk to people’s safety, the hotel property and business continuity. Statistics from the U.S. (NFPA Hotel Fact Sheet) show that structure fires are reported by 1 out of 12 hotels every year, causing annual average losses of 12 civilian deaths, 143 civilian injuries and $127,000,000 in direct property damage – evidently, fire safety is of paramount importance in the hospitality industry. Fire incidents not only result in financial losses, they can also severely damage a hotel’s reputation. At the same time, hotel owners are reluctant to compromise on their guests’ comfort. We carefully consider all requirements in designing fire protection systems that are more than just an emergency safeguard but ensure the continued success of your business.

Our promise

In the hotel industry, false alarms are a major issue. It is critical to avoid such incidents, as they cause unnecessary disturbance to the hotel guests and are costly for the business and its reputation. Our smart detectors with ASAtechnology are immune to deceptive phenomena such as steam, tobacco smoke or exhaust emissions and make false alarms a thing of the past. Siemens and its network of certified solution partners offer a Genuine Alarm Guarantee in various countries.